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Day One. Month One.

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Welcome to my first blog post. 

I started Ilda just over a month ago and you, my friends, are now part of the Ilda family. You have supported me from day one and wait patiently while I wait impatiently for lots of stock to arrive to show you.  To give you a small idea of what to expect, think summer, think sexy, think festivals, think feminine and stylish for all ages and tastes - I even had my 77 year old Mother wearing the Princess ear cuff - she looked FABULOUS!

Yes it's been and continues to be a very steep learning curve, but I love it.  Every single minute. Apart from one thing.  Photography. 

It's clear from the site that I'm no photographer but I'm doing my best and as soon as I can, I will hire someone else to do it  It is vital to get it right and to showcase pieces in their best light otherwise they won't sell.

Having said that, I completely sold out of bracelets within the first two weeks so must be doing something right somewhere!

Thank you for all your likes and comments on the FB/Twitter pages, you have no idea how lovely it is to know you're watching. It makes the hard work at midnight worth it. Please remember to tell all your friends and ask them to join us on our ever evolving journey - quite a few plans are in the making, it's not just about jewellery you know!





PS:  Definition of the name Ilda?  Want to know?  OK, it means "heroine" - yes, that's YOU!❤️


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  • Cathy on

    OMG why have I not come across you before? Your amazing work is so me!! Just to decide what to order!! Congratulations on your fab work Sam xx

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