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Seasonal Jewellery - Is It Really Necessary...?

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It's official.  Spring is here, although judging by the fact that I'm still wearing my big woolly jumper, I'm not quite sure if I believe it.
Since I launched Ilda, many people have said they're going to wait until the summer to buy from me and I am wondering why we are more inclined to wear costume jewellery over the summer months.  
Let's face it, there is no reason why we can't wear colourful accessories during the winter and in fact perhaps it's something we ought to think about doing more of - brighten up those grey, cold days and darker colours we tend to wear with cheerful, shining jewellery.
Pair a chunky gold statement cuff with a dark jacket or a long pendant necklace over a sweater and without even thinking about it, you'll look brighter. I love to wear a big chunky sparkling cocktail ring with dark nail polish in the winter, it looks great and is a good way to dress up a bit but without going the whole hog, but why don't I wear my more subtle "summery" rings, such as those in our Belle Collection?
Hmmmm, I think it's time to embrace this idea! 

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